On the City of Melbourne website, right next to a locator map of “The Other Melbourne,” is the logo linking to 2-1-1 Brevard on the web.Locator for Melbourne, Australia, and website
Maybe that’s a good part of the reason the city’s residents place high in 2-1-1 Brevard statistics on where callers, website visitors and “fans” hail from.
That prominent online referral also reflects “The Harbor’s City’s” support of the 2-1-1 dialing code since its arrival in the county in the early 2000’s, including an annual financial commitment.

“As a city that wants to help its residents, Melbourne stepped up from the beginning in the belief of the power of 2-1-1 to make connections and complement 9-1-1,” said Libby Donoghue, executive director.

Here’s a look at some of 2-1-1 Brevard’s “stats” related to Melbourne:

  • In the past year, 15 percent of 2-1-1 callers (7,873) provided Melbourne as their location. That was highest percentage for any locale and clearly could be higher, given that 30 percent of logged calls did not include geographic information.
  • Since Sept. 1 of this year, 1,132 visits to 211brevard.org came from Melbourne, according to Google Analytics. Again, that’s the highest ranked location.
  • And on Facebook, almost 30 percent (91) of 2-1-1 Brevard’s 312 fans list the city as their residence. That’s another top finish for Melbourne. (Twitter Analytics doesn’t tackle geography.)

Melbourne also provides a text link to the 2-1-1 Brevard website in the introduction on its home page.

Donoghue said: “We are so appreciative to have Melbourne as a consistent municipal partner and happy to know that a significant number of its residents know to dial 2-1-1 when they need help or information.”